CBD Drops Terpine 3: 1000mg


CBD Isolate infused with Terpenes

Relief from pain, inflammation and anxiety

Terpenes are fundamental building blocks of nature.  By infusing our CBD oils with the terpenes found in hemp we take advantage of the supporting effect creating interaction between plant and human.

We use only organic, non-GMO techniques to produce our oil tinctures. This results in the purest, full-spectrum CBD oil. Organically grown USA finest industrial hemp. Our CBD oil is produce through the CO2 extraction process; guaranteeing the highest grade, pesticide free, Non-GMO hemp oil extract in the United States. 100% compliant with all State Department of Agriculture regulations. LGMP Certified and Food Certified.

Place a few drops under the tongue. We recommend 1 to 3 for first-timers. Hold for a minute or so to allow for maximum absorption of compounds into the bloodstream, and then swallow. The CBD will quickly get to work on helping in the relief of pain, inflammation and anxiety.


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Terpene -3 CBD Drops 1000mg
Hemp oil seed oil, Cannabidol Hemp Extract, Terpene, Limonene, Terpene Myrcene, Terpene
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